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2015 Archibull Prize

To learn more about the program visit www.archibullprize.com.au

Your students can not only win cash prizes for their creativity, they can put their town on the map by participating in the Archibull Prize!

The Archibull Prize is an Art4Agriculture initiative delivered with the support of our funding partners. The program has been running successfully in NSW for the past three years and 2015 will see the Archibull Prize expand to other Australian states.

The program's multilayered activities use art and multimedia to engage students in secondary schools to learn through hands on experience about the challenges of feeding, clothing and housing the world with a declining natural resource base.

How Does the Project Work?
The Archibull Prize is an integrated program which will engage secondary and primary school students in agricultural and environmental awareness through art, design, creativity and teamwork by:

  • Providing a blank, life-sized fibreglass cow for students to create an artwork on or to use as the subject of an artwork.
  • Giving each school their own primary (food or fibre) industry to explore and showcase. In 2015 this will be Beef or Dairy or Wool or Cotton.
  • Pairing schools with Young Farming Champions and Young Eco Champions who share their sustainable farming journey and work with the students throughout the duration of the project.
  • Supplying a resource kit with curricular connections.
  • Supplying Matisse paints.
  • Connecting farmers, natural resource managers and industry and community experts with students.

Agriculture can be used to teach science, geography and maths in context. Did you know it can also be used to teach art and multimedia. In fact the opportunities are endless. Visit www.archibullprize.com.au to see a great range of curriculum-linked teaching resources which explore the role agriculture plays in the health, wealth and happiness of Australians and many other people around the world.


The Archibull Prize − Reward for Effort
Schools are eligible to win prizes from a state prize pool totalling $3,000. A presentation and awards day will be held in November 2015 at the conclusion of the Archibull Prize.

Presentation Day Prizes and Awards
Prizes will be awarded in the following categories on a State level.

  • Best Cow - $500
  • Best Blog - $500
  • Best Project video or PowerPoint - $500*
  • Overall Winning School – Archibull Prize - $1000
    The state winners will then compete for the National Archibull Prize title.


Bovine Billboards on Public Display

Art4Agriculture will deliver this program with the support of the Partnership Brokers Network to ensure maximum outcomes for schools, students and the local community. The Partnership Brokers Network can help schools connect with local councils to support learning on local environmental matters and to provide exhibition space for students' artworks. In addition, we will be seeking exhibition space at each of the State Royal Agricultural Shows.

When the Bulls Come Home
After the exhibition bulls will be returned to schools for display in a prominent place, or they can be auctioned as a school fund-raiser.

Why is this program so important?
The Archibull Prize is an engaging, fun and interactive way of connecting communities with the people who produce their food and fibre. The program builds a bridge for farmers and communities to reach out to each other, share stories and improve understanding and work through potential solutions together.

Teacher and community testimonials for the Archibull Prize
Archibull Prize wins Event of the Year at the Trangie Australia Day Awards Ceremony - “The success of the project has been an enormous promotion of Trangie across the whole of Australia. It has absolutely put Trangie on the map!”

"The program promotes agriculture as a complex and technologically advanced set of professionals rather than "blokes living on the land". This stimulated discussion between the students and realisation of how consumers undervalue agricultural production, and it is consumer purchasing decisions that are actually responsible for how welfare and sustainability options are enacted in our society."

"Young mentoring farmers was the authentic resource available to students. Websites and written resources can be found quite easily, but having an interactive conversation with an experienced farmer is much more dynamic and lends itself to covering unexpected topics that may not come up during an online research task. For example empathy for farmers and socio-economic effects and the passion for farming."

"The sense of camaraderie developed between different year groups of students is an important outcome for this project. Our students learnt to work in teams, acknowledge and celebrate each other's strengths and share responsibility for outcomes."

"An exciting project to conduct towards the end of the academic year to maintain enthusiasm. The students were thoroughly engaged and looked forward to "Archibull time" each day! Our parents provided positive feedback about the project. Our kids are so excited and every day they are teaching us about the properties of cotton" one parent told me".

"The Archibull Prize is a wonderful opportunity to challenge our students and let them shine using their unique talents. The team work and problem solving aspects of the task develop life skills in these students. Through the addition of the young farmer content, our students have been inspired to continue their learning in Agriculture and have been given a role model who exudes enthusiasm about the future of Agriculture in Australia. Interschool competition and the opportunity to extend the creativity of our students are valued aspects of the project."

"This competition has generated a lot of interest at the school. The school leadership team is now considering the introduction of Agriculture studies as an elective into the school curriculum. The Art4 Agriculture website is a great vehicle to show students 'where they can go' in agriculture."

“The creation of our cow, our Archibull blog and the multimedia components of the Archibull Prize have all offered the students opportunities to inform, inspire and affect their audience. It is a powerful means of developing student voice in the community. This is a task that will inspire careers in agriculture and provide the students with the knowledge and skills to instil change in the industry and more importantly, instigate appreciation and an understanding of our Agricultural enterprises in society.
The project based learning approach of the Archibull Prize program is innovative and embraces 21st century learning skills. The students worked in a united team, collaborating to find direction and solve problems. The student group developed autonomy and developed an authentic ownership over their work. Each member of the group found their strengths and were supported by the group and celebrated for their contributions to the group. The Archibull Prize created a cohesive, intrinsically motivated and driven team.
The Archibull Prize has developed the students' skills in problem solving, communication and negotiation. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of producing a creative, meaningful and beautiful response to their world".
Jo Ross teacher Hurlstone Agricultural High School.


For more information please contact

National Program Director
Lynne Strong
105 Clover Hill Rd
Jamberoo NSW 2533
Mobile 0407 740 446
Email: lynnestrong@art4agriculture.com.au
Web: www.art4agriculture.com.au

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