Our Team

Lynne Strong

In 2008 Lynne Strong founded Art4Agriculture and created the Archibull Prize, which uses art and multimedia to engage thousands of students in learning about food and fibre production. She also developed the Young Farming Champions and Young Eco Champions programs to create a national network of young people promoting responsible agriculture as a legitimate user of Australia’s scarce natural resources and a career of choice.

Lynne has earned some of Australia¹s most prestigious environmental and agricultural honours. In 2012 she won the inaugural Bob Hawke Landcare Award and the NSW Rural and Regional Development Award. In 2011 Lynne was runner up in the Rabobank National Rural Industry Leader of the Year and in 2010 Lynne received the National Landcare Primary Producers Award.

Lynne is a board member of the Australian Landcare Council, the Dairy Research Foundation and is an Australian Government Climate Champion.

Biggest Challenge Facing Agriculture
Agriculture needs a new way of thinking about and engaging with their customers and the supply chain. For farmers this will mean working beyond traditional boundaries and challenging the conventional thinking about primary industries and individuals. For consumers it will mean considering agricultural farming systems and their constraints as well as reflecting on new definitions of “value” when thinking about Australian grown products. Only then can we really work together to create sustainable agricultural industries, for the long-term.

Victoria Taylor

Victoria is an experienced industry association executive who established Flourish Communication to provide specialist services to clients involved in primary industries, science and natural resource management.

Victoria assists both government and industry clients identify their audiences, design strategies for engagement and communicate effectively.

With a background in agricultural representation and politics, Victoria uses a mix of strategic planning, policy development, stakeholder management and communications to design and deliver projects with high impact outcomes.

Recent clients include the University of Canberra, the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, Primary Industries Education Foundation, the Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia, the National Bulk Commodities Group and the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW.

Biggest Challenge Facing Agriculture
All external factors aside (prices, weather etc) we need to motivate urban people to join us working in agriculture. To capitalise on the looming “food boom” we need a large, skilled and flexible workforce, who understand agriculture is bigger than just farming.

Ann Burbrook

For the past twenty-five years Ann has worked in the performance, media and communications industries. She is a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and has worked extensively in Television, Theatre and Film. She has also worked as a teacher, trainer, writer, director, counselor and youth worker. Her passion is helping people to find the best possible version of themselves so they can tell their stories, share their passions and be heard.

Biggest Challenge Facing Agriculture
If people can’t hear you then they wont understand your stories. One of the many challenges facing agriculture today is the lack of comprehension urban communities have of the complexities of how our food is produced. The disconnect most people have with their food means that we have begun to value price over quality. I want to see agriculture telling its stories so people in the city have the information they need to make the best decisions they can about their food.

Kirsty Blades
Strategic Advisor

Kirsty has more than 15 years experience in delivering events with passion and precision. She has a particular passion for the NFP and educational sector which started with the successful delivery of an iconic Australian event, Clean Up Australia Day. Since 2003 Kirsty has been working with the Australian agricultural sector to deliver its most outstanding events and programs with her own company, Event Directors. Event Directors national clients include household names such as National Farmers’ Federation and Department of Primary Industries.

Biggest Challenge Facing Agriculture
Inspiring ‘Gen Y’ to pursue a career in agriculture. All the production technology in the world to feed and clothe a global population of 9 billion by 2050 will mean nothing without the next generation of agri-professionals behind it. We need to shout this question from the rooftops, “what could be a more rewarding job than knowing you are feeding or clothing your family, your community and your country?”

Art4Agriculture is a program managed by Picture You in Agriculture Inc ABN 39 055 985 661.