Art4Agriculture's vision is to design and deliver community events that are a true celebration of the diversity, sustainability, creativity and progress of primary industries, their people, place and produce.

Passion is powerful emotions that propel us beyond our current comfort zone in the direction of our potential. Passion is the fuel that transforms bold ideas into tangible realities. It is channelled enthusiasm and excitement in pursuit of bold goals, big dreams, and ambitious agendas

Never underestimate the power of passion.
- Eve Sawyer


Who we are and what we do

Art4Agriculture is a network of young people who share a passion to tell others about the pivotal role Australian farmers play in feeding the world. Mostly we are young rural people who love working in agriculture, be it in the beef, sheep, dairy, cropping, wine or horticultural industries. With our ‘home-base’ in the Illawarra region of NSW, Art4Agriculture reaches into many different communities around the nation.

Art4Agriculture has a vision for agriculture that is full of promise.
We want an innovative exciting dynamic and profitable agrifood sector. A sector that our next generation best and brightest sees as a career of first choice. 

We see our role is to turn our vision for agriculture into everyone’s vision
To achieve this Art4Agriculture delivers events and activities which focus on youth, career opportunities, the environment, community and the arts – all linked with agriculture.

Our programs are tailored to both enhance the image of farmers and farming and encourage young people to consider agriculture related careers.

Our school programs are education and awareness focused and use creative arts and multimedia to engage urban and rural students in the challenges of feeding, clothing and housing the world with a declining natural resource base.

Agriculture can be used to teach science, geography and maths in context. Did you know it can also be used to teach art and multimedia. In fact the opportunities are endless. Visit to see a great range of curriculum-linked teaching resources which explore the role agriculture plays in the health, wealth and happiness of Australians and many other people around the world.

Our Competitions
For Schools

The Archibull Prize is an innovative and fun program which provides student participants with opportunities to meet young farmers and engage in genuine farm experiences, gain knowledge and skills about the production of the food they eat, fibres they use and the environment they live in.

The theme celebrates the role Australian farmers' play in feeding Australian families and many other families around the world. The average person doesn't consider the resources required to keep a city well fed let alone the world! We intend on telling this story.

The Archibull Prize is an integrated program which will engage primary and secondary school students in agricultural and environmental awareness through art, design, creativity and teamwork by:

  • Providing a blank, life-sized fibreglass cow for students to create an artwork on or to use as the subject of an artwork which focuses on the following theme:-
    "What does it take to feed and clothe your community for a day sustainably?"

  • Giving each school their own primary (food or fibre) industry to explore and showcase e.g. Beef, Sheep, Dairy, Wool, Cotton, and Grains.
  • Pairing each school with a Young Farming Champion who will share their farming journey and work with the students throughout the duration of the project.

  • Connecting farmers, natural resource managers, and industry and community experts involved in farming for the future (sustainable agriculture) projects, with students.

  • Supplying a resource kit with curricular connections.

  • Supplying Matisse paints.

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The Cream of the Crop Competition invites students in NSW secondary and tertiary education institutions to create a PowerPoint or a video which can be published on the web and win $500.
The PowerPoint component invites students to explain why it is important for everyone to be provided with opportunities to gain knowledge and skills about the production of the food they eat, the fibres they use and the environment they live in.
The Video component provides an exciting opportunity to explore agriculture related occupations in a creative and innovative way. Entrants are invited to create a video of up to three (3) minutes profiling an occupation that can lead to a career in agriculture.
The aim of the competition is show the diverse array of career pathways that can lead to a career in agribusiness

The winning entries are loaded on the web providing contemporary authentic, positive and popular stories about agriculture and the environment written by young people for young people. This initiative is vital as the innovation and technology used to help farmers manage their properties has moved much faster than educational resource development.

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Our Programs
For Farmers

The Young Farming Champions Program is a new initiative that pairs students participating in our school programs with a young farmer.  The young farmers promote positive images and perceptions of farming, providing a pathway to get these messages across to our audiences.  The young farmers demonstrate passion for their industry while providing real life examples to young people who may have never considered a career in agriculture. Because they are young they can relate to students and are adept at breaking down stereotypes of farming and agricultural careers.

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For Natural Resource Management

The Art4Agriculture Young Eco Champion program for 2012/13 will train a team of 5 young natural resource management professionals from Southern Rivers region of NSW. They will be trained to develop leadership and communication skills and become local faces of sustainable primary production and natural resource management.

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For sustainable Farming

Our Confidence to Grow Initiative is supported by Caring for our Country funding and other supporting partners

This program harnesses the energy and leadership drive of youth to forge cross-community partnerships to improve economic, environmental and social sustainability. It focuses on increasing the adoption of sustainable farm management practices, including conserving and extending green corridors, while improving food security to meet the needs of a growing nation and world demand.
It fosters the confidence to grow.

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Our programs are a true celebration of the people and the places behind the food we eat. They deliver strong rural sustainability messages - not just to the students involved, but also to the wider community. They showcase the positive things farmers are doing and empower them to share their stories. Our activities are genuine, contemporary, engaging, fun and full of hope for a sustainable future.


Art4Agriculture is a program managed by Picture You in Agriculture Inc ABN 39 055 985 661.